Why is RateChain Different?

Ready to use Connections with Distributors

RateChain has ready to use connections with distributors. To begin working with a new distributor all you need to do is agree a contract and pricing, You are then free to load rates and your product can be ready for sales within a few minutes, no more lengthy waits for technical setups.

You are in Control

Unlike in alternative distribution channels we do not choose your distributors or cap your rates, who you work with and at what price is up to you.

Advanced tools for rate management

Our powerful but easy to use rate management tools help you to decide when and how rates should be updated. Unlike counter systems that only offer basic rate management tools, RateChain takes your rate management to new level and helps you to generate more revenue.

Independent from Desk Management Solutions

RateChain can be used along side your existing desk management solution and integration with your existing desk management solution is optional.

The Benefits for Car Rental Suppliers

Premium Access to a Network of International Car Rental Distributors

RateChain provides ready access to multiple car rental distributors at a lower cost than investment in individual XML connections. RateChain is an easy to use fully secure and maintained distribution tool that will electronically deliver your rental product to any online distributor, you simply define the contract details and the rates you wish to deliver for each distributor and you’re done!

Earn More Revenue from Your Fleet

RateChain is a unique online rate management tool it allows users to react to changes in market demand immediately in real time. RateChain is equipped with a high quality advanced analysis tool which will analyze the effectiveness of the your rates and use dynamic rate rules to increase the revenue from your existing fleet

Full control over Your Pricing

With RateChain you have full control over your pricing. Each of your contracted distributers can receive their own unique rates, in fact with RateChain you are free to provide as many rate products as you like; RateChain can deliver multiple rate products to each of your distributors. You can update your prices at any time and they will be received in real time.  Want to send out a special offer to a special broker or react to a competitor offer? Setting up a special offer in RateChain is quick and easy and will be delivered in real time helping you to ensure your product is competitive at all times.

Reduces Misquotes and Invoice Queries

RateChain ensures your distributors receive your rates in real time, and accurately calculates your rates based on the parameters of the terms and conditions you enter, reducing the chances of rentals being sold at the wrong price and saving you time and hassle resolving billing issues.

How to join with RateChain

  1. Contact RateChain via sales@rate-chain.com to setup RateChain account and sign service agreement
  2. Fill out locations, fleet and rates data in RateChain system.
  3. RateChain will make supplier introduction to brokers to help establish commercial agreement with broker
  4. The broker will activate connection with the supplier