RateChain is connecting local car rental
suppliers with global sales partners!

For car rental Suppliers

RateChain is a rate management tool that provides car rental suppliers with an online connection to a whole network of car rental brokers and distributors with just one connection. RateChain users can monitor and manage all their rental rates with multiple customers and rate package options in real time, receive and action booking requests, and distribute their location and rental information.

For car rental Brokers

RateChain is a cost effective way for car rental brokers and distributors to manage content from their suppliers, RateChain reduces the cost of loading and maintaining the integrity of the product supply making it easier and more economical to work with a larger number of local independent car rental companies.

RateChain benefits

Easy XML access to multiple brokers

RateChain provides direct OTA XML access to multiple car rental brokers. RateChain eliminates the technical obstacles associated with suppliers connecting to brokers, ensuring that the data coming from suppliers is complete and eliminating the need for multiple costly technical integrations with each broker separately.

Advanced rate management tools

RateChain provides every supplier with the latest rate and content management tools which until now has only been accessible by the big 10.

Flexible and Impartial

RateChain allows suppliers and brokers to choose which partners they work with and the terms and conditions of the contracts they agree. RateChain allows suppliers to define individual contracts meaning that the rates suppliers distribute are bespoke for each broker, additionally suppliers can supplier multiple rate products to each broker.

More promotions - maximise the low season

RateChain provides suppliers with the flexibility to create and distribute special offers and conditions quickly and easily, rates can be defined as special offers within the system and distributed to your choice of broker with ease and in real time.

Stop sale management

RateChain offers suppliers the ability to administer stop sales through the system, stop sales are received by brokers in real time and can be defined by date and car type, eliminating the need for multiple emails and delays in implementation by the broker.

Activity reporting

RateChain includes an advanced reporting tool which will aid the user to make pricing decisions and maximize their ability to identify sales opportunities.  RateChain provides users with up to the minute reporting on booking trends giving RateChain users a real advantage in a competitive market.

Our Partners

Our partners are car rental brokers which are interested in expanding their supply network and want to reduce their content management cost.

We are working continuously to expand our partners and supplier network.  List of connected brokers are available in the members section.

Interested in becoming a member?

If you are interested in joining the RateChain supplier network then please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with more information about how to join.