Benefits of RateChain for Brokers

Expand your Supplier Network

RateChain provides easy access to a large number of small and medium size suppliers, who did not previously have the ability to provide rates online. At RateChain we are continuously to  include more small suppliers in our network.

Reduced Integration Costs

RateChain provides standard OTA API connection with every supplier. We also ensure that all suppliers provide all information necessary for contract setup in the broker’s system. All rate rules will be defined and verified by each supplier to minimize configuration in the broker’s system.  Adding new suppliers is quick and easy and requires only a few parameters changes in the API request.

Reduced Content Management Costs

With RateChain you can eliminate the need to manage and update supplier rate rules, fees and extras prices, terms and conditions in your system. RateChain ensures that all required information is available via the API for each supplier.

Direct Control over Product and Pricing

Increase your competitive edge with more ease than ever before, RateChain makes it quick and easy for suppliers to distribute temporary, or permanent special deals individual to you.

Reduced Operational Cost

RateChain will reduce the number of reservations rejected by supplier through missed stop sales and incorrect pricing eliminating the risk of financial loss turned down bookings and adjusted invoices.

Fast Rate Response Time

RateChain ensures that all rates will be returned in a few seconds reducing customer drop offs from your site due to poor response times.

Why RateChain is Different…

Focused on Extending your Supplier Network

RateChain enables online access for suppliers who did not previously have online capability. We are actively seeking to add more local suppliers to our growing network.

Designed to Reduce Load for Broker Back Office

RateChain will define and validate every rate rule before it reaches the broker’s system removing the burden of deciphering and loading supplier contracts.

Single integration for multiple suppliers

RateChain is designed with the goal of minimizing the cost of new supplier contract setup for brokers. We have considered very carefully what should be provided by suppliers and how to integrate the product for distribution by the broker as easy as possible.

How RateChain Works…

  1. Contact with us and get technical support to integrate RateChain’s API.
  2. Agree a supply contact with your chosen supplier(s) ensuring rates and terms are agreed.
  3. Locate your supplier’s parameters in the RateChain portal and enter these parameters into your system.
  4. Send rate and reservation requests to RateChain.
  5. Pay the supplier directly for reservations completed. RateChain can provide reports which validate cost of reservations when required.