What is RateChain…

RateChain is an online network of car rental suppliers and brokers all connected to each other through just one link. Once a supplier contract is signed and both parties agree to work together RateChain provides a secure XML connection built to OTA standard is opened between the two parties allowing the supplier to load and electronically distribute their rental product including, locations, rates, terms and conditions, fleet information, ancillary product and stop sales to the broker, bookings can also be sent, received and confirmed or denied using the same link.

Although OTA XML is nothing new RateChain is also a revenue management tool it provides car rental suppliers with the ability to adjust their rates in real time and the fleet management tool provides users with a dynamic pricing option. Contracts can be managed individually even if you choose to provide multiple rate products to one or more brokers. Users will have access to performance reports and consumer trend information to aid decision making.

Additionally a catalogue of users simplifies the search for new customers and suppliers alike.

Who we are

RateChain is a software service provider to the car rental industry. Our aim is to provide independent car rental suppliers an economical solution to managing their bookings and optimising their revenue by assisting them to deliver their product to customers electronically regardless of their current back office software set up.

At RateChain we want to be an essential tool for SME car rental suppliers who want to be competitive in the online tour/broker market, improve their revenues and fleet utilisation.

Our team

The RateChain team are industry professional from IT and the travel industry with collectively over 50 years of experience in IT solutions, revenue management, pricing and sales. We have taken our experience and know how and created a product that will make selling car rental online easier and more profitable for everyone.